Dahlia Wreath- The Talisman for Spring!

I wrote this post last year on another named blog but I wanted to share it here.  I left my Dahlia Wreath in Boston so I needed to look up what I did to remake one for our new place! I need Spring! Enjoy!

May 30 2014

Spring wreath! The winter in Boston was brutal. Brutality can come in many forms this year it wasn’t the crazy amounts of snow it was the bitter cold temperatures and GREY skies. (Gray or grey?)

When I had some hope of spring coming I decided to search google images with this term Different Spring Wreath. I found a lot of the nice felt flowered ones, the more Easter focused ones, but they were all WAY to subtle to cheer on Spring here in Boston. I wanted something BOLD, and something that you could see from the other side of the street and think WOW- this house is SPRING itself. I couldn’t do it with real flowers as our Spring was mainly WINTER.

Then I found this gem! http://www.lovepomegranatehouse.com/paper-dahlia-wreath/ I didn’t find it on Pinterest although you better believe I pinned it!

I did the project with a few snafus. One was the tutorial above really doesn’t show you how to roll the flower petals up and create that beautiful shape. So here is what I learned to add to the tutorial.

Shape and Size of paper matters as to how your project turns out. I generally don’t care about measuring certain things so I experimented first as to what I wanted. Simplicity in the project is usually what I aim for so I just took a typical 12in x 12in scrap book sheet of paper and cut it into fours. Getting a 6×6! If you happen to have a rotary cutter and mat with guide for sewing, let me tell you about this awesome trick idea I learned. I was lamenting how I really, really don’t need to buy a paper cutter and yet I could use it for my papery projects I like to do. I read some genius that said save one rotary blade for paper- just like you do with your scissors. Rotate it out when you want to cut fabric or vice versa! Genius! So now I have a paper cutter, and can knock out a lot of 6×6 sized paper for this crazy flower.Image


The roll matters: I took a corner aimed 2/3 into the square and tucked the corner created and placed a dab of hot at tip and then more down on the edge that is covering over.


USE LOTS OF hot glue!

Here is my finished project! It’s been screaming spring for the last few months however we are just inching into it here in Boston.

ImageYou can follow me on Pinterest: erika_day

and Instagram: extraordinarynanny


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